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Here we go round the prickly apple by sgibb Here we go round the prickly apple :iconsgibb:sgibb 109 34 Textures by Nieris Textures :iconnieris:Nieris 646 42 Salutations ~(^A^~) by UnroyalPrince Salutations ~(^A^~) :iconunroyalprince:UnroyalPrince 60 25 Russia [Ivan Braginsky ] by Flav3ll Russia [Ivan Braginsky ] :iconflav3ll:Flav3ll 9 1
Seven minutes-Hong Kong
"_______ got Leon!" You looked at the set of headphones in your hand. You'd only met the asian country a few times, but when you did, you couldn't help but feel some sort of link between the two of you. He was a lot like his older brother, Kiku. He didn't show a lot of emotion, but that was one of the things you liked about him.
You heard quiet footsteps approaching you and you turned round, smiling softly at him. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a t-shirt with his flag on it, and a cardigan with sleeves that were a little too long for him. He held his hand out to you and you took it, letting him lead you to the closet. "Keep it PG guys!" Alfred said, locking the door.
You blushed at how close he was, this was a very small closet... "So, um...Leon, how're you doing?" You asked, trying to break the awkward silence. He looked at you. "I'm fine, I guess. You?" You nodded. "I'm fine..." He simply stared. You blushed harder. "So, what're you pl-" "Stop changing the subject." He said, lean
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 300 77
Seven minutes in heaven-Russia
A little sexual...Don't like, don't read!
"_-_______ got Ivan..." Alfred tailed off, giving you a sympathetic look. You held a sunflower petal in your hand, it looked freshly picked and still smelled of the flower. You watched Alfred step back a little as you heard him approaching. You turned round and smiled at the purple eyed man, your (e/c) eyes gleaming just as much. Even though he scared everyone witless, you kind of liked him. He was incredibly tall and you loved his child-like smile.
You were pulled out of your thoughts as he pulled you gently by the wrist to the closet, no-one being brave enough to walk you there. You saw the looks you were getting from the other countries and it was as if they all knew you were dead.
The door closed behind you and you looked up at Ivan. You saw him staring at you, but it wasn't scary at all.
"You didn't want to pick me did you?" He asked, bending down to your height. He took up a lot of the closet, purely with his height.
"A-Actually I don
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 883 466
promise .:russia x reader:.
It sure is dark, you think while walking into the local park. Looking around , no one except some punk teens are there in the park. You spotted a nice bench with a light pole just above it, showering the bench with a beam of dim light. You decide it's a pretty good place to sit after all that happened today, remembering the past you giggle as you take out a small note book filled with doodles and writings; flipping to a blank page you decide to doodle a small sunflower in the middle of the note page; a slight wave of cold air hits you almost flipping the pages "woah, lemme get a jacket" you mumbled as you reached into your small bag looking for a sweater or anything that could warm you up "danm it!! Left it at home", suddenly a warm vodka smelling scarf settles softly around your neck , warming you up a little more. Frightened you look up to see who was doing that, a tall man with a cute childish smile across his face "you seem cold da~" guessing he was Russian you blush a little bit a
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 411 244
Matryoshka: Kalinka? Malinka? by Adurnah Matryoshka: Kalinka? Malinka? :iconadurnah:Adurnah 246 57 Palazzo Ducale by Aenea-Jones Palazzo Ducale :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 378 6 Don't argue with wolf by Ryoko-demon Don't argue with wolf :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 660 24 {Perler} Vaporeon by OddishCrafts {Perler} Vaporeon :iconoddishcrafts:OddishCrafts 172 18 oc by Mappiee oc :iconmappiee:Mappiee 227 3
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Russia Part 1
Warning: Russia's Vodka.

“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You gave the blonde man a shy look, digging your hand down to the left a bit but keeping it on the top of the bag, and grabbing onto what you thought was the stem of a flower you often loved to watch grow outside your house. And it was: a sunflower!
“Dat is my sunflower.”
Arthur froze above you, as did most countries, as a tall man with platinum blonde/white hair stood from several seats down...You noticed another man that had been beneath him, who immediately got up to move seats. The tall man gave you a child-like smile and walked over.
The entire room was quiet.
He held out a hand. “My name is Ivan Braginski, little one. You will be one with Mother Russia from now on, da?”
“You’re a Mommy?” You asked, staring up at him.
“In a sense.”
These words made you feel even more nervous than before. You didn’t make eye contact, but shook his hand as Arth
:iconsideshow-cellophane:Sideshow-Cellophane 195 99
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and angry—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same, it all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her
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Sailor Moon by El-Ste Sailor Moon :iconel-ste:El-Ste 2,782 328 Style Challenge by mior3e Style Challenge :iconmior3e:mior3e 9,485 379



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Bosnia And Herzegovina
Uuuhm...they're Bosnia and Herzegovina! ouo
Omfg I love Herzegovina's hair *^* (and yep, she lost an eye oHo)
They're warriors and- shish, I'm sick of write e.e (loool)


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AzokaWGF's Profile Picture
Sara :3
I'm Sara, an italian girl èué
I love Anime (BLACK BUTLER AND HETALIA BLBL), Manga, Drawing and Roleplaying~
And I also love this "~" eue
Shut Up And Ship Mongolia x Russia
Or I will stole your pistachios.
I'm a Fanloid
I want to hug Luka.
I Have to hug Luka.
Uhm…I'm a potato(?)
So I'm going to do potatoes stuffs(?)


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